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    AGM 2023
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    Paragliding Insurance Matters
  • News : Address Change 2021
    Paragliding Insurance Matters
  • News : Paragliding Insurance
  • News : Ground Handling SOP from PGSG
    This post is to inform our association members of the Ground Handling SOP.
  • GHSession – Old Holland Road
    12/07/2020 GH session at Old Holland Road It was a great outdoor ground handling practice session on the 12th of July 2020 at 4PM+. Some of our club members took some time off for some ground handling practice! Family members…
  • PGTrip – KKB
    17 Oct 2020 – 18 Oct 2020 (TBC upon border opening) Paragliding Trip to KKB, Malaysia The dates mentioned are tentative and subject to COVID-19 restrictions. This is not a test post, this trip is a real planned trip. Get…
  • PGTrip – Jugra
    (This is a test post) August 25, 2020 — August 26, 2020. Paragliding Trip to Bukit Jugra, Malaysia. S$150/pax. The dates mentioned are tentative and subject to COVID-19 restrictions. NOTE : This post is only a test post and nothing…
  • TripReport – Luye, Taiwan
    This is a trip/site report for Luye, Taiwan, by Boris Smolinski Description The base of the paragliding community is on Luye Highlands, a hill with a flattish top, large enough for ample paragliding landing space and host to the Hot…
  • TripReport – Khao Den, Thailand
    This is a trip/site report for Khao Den, Phetchaburi, Thailand Description Site Description: Khao Dan is situated in Kaeng Krachan National Park within Phechaburi province (168km south west). Launch site is about 300m (AGL), with laminal wind from Gulf of…
  • News : Ground Handling restrictions in Singapore
    It has come to our attention that some pilots are ground handling (GH) at Bedok Reservoir, we would like to reiterate that we are not allowed to do any aerial activities (including paragliding) within 5km of any airport.
  • Article : Luke’s experience
    I remembered the first lesson, it was a cold summer morning in Queenstown of New Zealand, there were only 2 new students that day,
  • TripReport – Maninjau
    This is a trip/site report for Maninjau, Sumatra, Indonesia Description Maninjau is for sure one of the most beautiful places for paragliding in the region of South East Asia. Flying there ranges from soaring, over thermal flying and also some…
  • Article : Buying your Paragliding Gear
    Wonder what considerations to make when buying new paragliding gear? Read this article by our senior member Ivan Chang.
  • News : Paragliders Singapore at the AFS Children Workshop
    As part of community service, our club supported a children workshop with AFS (Air Sports Federation) last weekend.
  • TripReport – Phu Ta Boek, Thailand
    This is a trip/site report for Phu Ta Boek, by Ivan Chang Description Stunning XC site standing at 1.7km high, with easy take off n landing site. However Since LZ is about 6km away, it is not recommended for beginner…
  • TripReport – Saijia, Taiwan
    This is a trip/site report for Saijia at Taiwan Description Saijia is located in South Taiwan about 3 to 4 hours drive south from Taipei City and around 1.5 hours drive from Kaohsiung city where there are international airports. It is…
  • TripReport – Lion Mountain, Taiwan
    This is a trip/site report for Lion Mountain, Taiwan Description Lion mountain is located in South Taiwan slightly south of Saijia. The drive is 4 hours from Taipei city and 2 hours from Kaohsiung.  It is a coastal ridge soaring…
  • TripReport – Puli, Taiwan
    This is a trip/site report for Puli, Taiwan Description Puli is located in Central Taiwan. It is about 2 hours drive away from Taipei city. Conditions are typically similar to Saijia but as it is a little further north the weather…
  • TripReport – Timbis, Bali
    This is a trip/site report for Timbis, Bali, Indonesia Description Yes we can fly in Bali! Timbis is located at the southeast of the island. It is a remote place far away from the resorts, although they are getting closer…
  • TripReport – Jugra
    This is a trip/site report for Jugra, Malaysia. Description Jugra is one of our regular flying sites close to Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The next big town is Banting, where we can also find nice accommodation for a good price.…
  • TripReport – Bahau
    This is a trip/site report for Bahau, Malaysia, authored by Nora Martiny Description Bahau is beside Jugra our regular place for paragliding. We usually try to go there once a month. It is a very long ridge with a nice…