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TripReport – Puli, Taiwan

This is a trip/site report for Puli, Taiwan


Puli is located in Central Taiwan. It is about 2 hours drive away from Taipei city. Conditions are typically similar to Saijia but as it is a little further north the weather is slightly cooler.

On Puli there are two takeoffs one is free and for the other one site fees apply. 

The paid one has one of the nicest take off sites imaginable with cafes and even wifi at the launch site. It provides a big take off and average size landing which is suitable for beginners. Conditions can also be thermic as it is located right above a town.

The free take off at Puli is right next  to the paid one so atmospheric conditions are identical. However, the take off is narrower with a much shorter runway. The hill slope right below is overgrown with rattan-like high grass that acts as a nice cushion however if you happened to have a failed takeoff. This is a advanced-beginner to intermediate take off site.

The landing for the free take off site is long but rather narrow  and approachable only from one direction. You must know how to plan your landings approach if you want to land there. Definitely not a beginners or first-flyer landing.

On the free landing site, right below the landing approach there is a small hill that sometimes creates a ridge soaring effect (once took me almost 20 min once to land J). If this happens the trick is to move 20 – 30 m forward (right above the house at the beginning of the landing strip) and to maintain your position and do “8” or “S” figures until you reach your landing altitude.

Other Details

Suitability: Depending on the Take Off site for Beginners to Advance Pilots

Direction: SW to NW

Best Season: October to March

Distance to Singapore: 4.5 hours flight to Taipeh, then around 2 hours drive

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