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List of Paragliding Schools

List of Paragliding Schools

We have posted below a list of schools that many of our members have learnt their paragliding schools from. Paragliding schools are just like other schools – some are good, some aren’t as good. So speak with our members to get a general idea of what to expect. The list below is in no particular order.

If you’re a paragliding school and want to list your organisation here as well, please contact us using our contact form.


(Note : The Instructors below are Malaysia Sport Aviation Federation [MSAF] qualified)

Borneo Paragliders
Contact: Captain Haznain Ngamil (+60 19 860 8700)

Abd Rahman, localised in Jugra 
+60 13 343 4119


Fly Indonesia
Contact: Nixon Ray. Based in Bogor, courses in Puncak.

Fly Bali
Contact: Ketut Manda. Based in Bali, courses in Timbis.

Mr. Darmawan Sirin
+62 852 1628 2161

Mr Aries Pribaya
+62 819 3146 7220

Bali Paragliders


300 Peaks Paragliding
(Note : 300 peaks is at the moment not performing beginners courses. However, they are a great choice for SIV and advanced XC courses.)


(Note : Currently (2020) the situation about courses and issue of licences in Nepal is unclear. Get more info from the schools directly.)

Blue Sky Paragliding

Frontier Paragliding


Nirvana Adventures

Temple Pilots

PGSG Group Singapore