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TripReport – Saijia, Taiwan

This is a trip/site report for Saijia at Taiwan


Saijia is located in South Taiwan about 3 to 4 hours drive south from Taipei City and around 1.5 hours drive from Kaohsiung city where there are international airports. It is voted as one of the best sites in Taiwan for Cross Country Flying. It provides a very big take off and huge landing with many long ridges. When thermals are not too strong, it will be very suitable for beginners even. Most pilots from all over the world, especially Japan flock to this place during the winter months from October to Febuary. The weather is less cold as it is down south.

Other Details

Suitability: Depending on the strength of thermals from beginners to experienced pilots

Direction: SW to NW

Best Season: October to February

Distance to Singapore: 4.5 hrs flight to Kaohsiung then 1.5 hrs drive

Position on Google Maps:

Paragliding Earth Information:

A site fee of 1500 NTWD for sign up plus 200 NTWD per day applies

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