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TripReport – Timbis, Bali

This is a trip/site report for Timbis, Bali, Indonesia


Yes we can fly in Bali! Timbis is located at the southeast of the island. It is a remote place far away from the resorts, although they are getting closer each year. There you can soar on top of the cliffs.

The main take-off is called Timbis. The site manager, Ketut, is also an instructor and tandem flights are conducted by a couple of local pilots.

The take-off is tricky for beginners: you need to know reverse inflation well in order to handle the strong winds. You can take lessons with a local and train outside the take-off area to be ready the next day. It is then wise to know the basic tips for soaring flights.

Top landing is the common practice, however, the beach below the take-off place is nice and long enough and often used by trainee pilots. Local Balinese porters will help you on the climp up and even with packing (for a small fee). There is no difficulty for advanced pilots.

Latest Update : There are some fees required to be paid to fly at this site, however, its not unreasonably priced and should be ok.

Other Details

Suitability: Advanced pilots + beginners who know reverse launch

Best Wind Direction: SE/SW

Best Season: June to October

Distance to Singapore: 2 hours by plane then 30-45 minutes from Denpasar (Airport).

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