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We are over 40 members from many nationalities: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Japan, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Lebanon, Russia, Bulgaria, Italy, Germany, France, United Kingdom, … And we all share the same passion for flying!

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About Us

The Paragliders Association Singapore (hereafter PGSG) was formed by a group of passionate paragliders based in Singapore in order to promote Paragliding as a sport in our country and also to fly more and more. We welcome every member to join our association: Singaporean or foreigner, male or female, pilot or not yet. 

We are registered in the Registry Of Societies under the Unique Entity Number ref. T12SS0152G since 8 August 2012. 

Please check out the FAQ section and the different other notices for further information.

Our Objectives

  • Promote paragliding as a sport in Singapore.
  • Promote, inculcate and ensure observance of high standards of safety in paragliding.
  • Uphold and strengthen paragliding flying skills and knowledge among its members.
  • Promote esprit de corps among its members in their common interest in paragliding.
  • Unite members in the bonds of friendship, good fellowship and mutual understanding.
  • Promote and encourage participation of paragliding contests by its members.


As with any form of aerial sports, paragliding carries potential risks including personal injury, property damage, or death. This sport can be as safe or as dangerous as you choose to make it. As much as the PGSG advocates the sports of paragliding, we assume no liability or responsibility for any personal injury or property damage. PGSG recommends individual to receive professional training from a certified instructor before you fly.

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