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TripReport – Bahau

This is a trip/site report for Bahau, Malaysia, authored by Nora Martiny


Bahau is beside Jugra our regular place for paragliding. We usually try to go there once a month. It is a very long ridge with a nice takeoff. A designated landing place is not available and pilots need to land on road crossings between palm tree plantations, good landing skills are therefore required! The height difference between takeoff and landing is around 300m.

For advanced pilots, Bahau is probably the best place for flying in West Malaysia, and among the closest from Singapore. It offers soaring for hours, nice thermalling with around 3 m/s climb rates and first possibilities for XC flying towards Bahau town.

Getting up to the takeoff by car requires a 4WD as the muddy roads are very steep. Therefore, assistance from local pilots is necessary. Walking up takes around 1 hour.

Other Details

Suitability: Advanced pilots due to difficult landing, especially during the NE monsoon.

Best Wind Direction: NE/SW

Best Season: Almost all year flyable, depending on the monsoons.

Distance to Singapore: ~300km, 3 hours by car

Accomodation: there are many hotels in Bahau town.

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