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Paragliding vs Parasailing


You probably have seen these before, and have probably ‘flown’ these sometime yourself.

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Parasailing is where you are connected to a canopy, which is connected to a vehicle (e.g motorboat), and you are towed along to gain altitude. You have little to no control of your direction of ‘flying’, and are subject to where to vehicle goes. does not have any facility to parasail, nor do we have any contacts or leads of companies that may offer this.


Paragliding is where you are connected to a canopy, and launch yourself using one of the few takeoff methods. You are flying on your own and have full control on where you intend to fly.

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Some takeoff techniques include running off a hill or a cliff; but on some flatlands where there are no hills or cliffs, you will be towed by a vehicle until you reach a certain altitude, after which your tow is released and you fly on your own. In this case, paragliding can sometimes be confused with parasailing, but rest assured, they are vastly different from each other.

If you have not undergone ANY paragliding training, you will be unable to fly solo without lessons and supervision. However, you may choose to fly as a passenger with a tandem paraglider pilot, whose gliders are specially designed to carry two people.

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Paragliding and Parasailing are different activities.

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