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TripReport – Luye, Taiwan

This is a trip/site report for Luye, Taiwan, by Boris Smolinski


The base of the paragliding community is on Luye Highlands, a hill with a flattish top, large enough for ample paragliding landing space and host to the Hot Air Balloon festival that takes place here during end of September / beginning of August.

The main season is from May until October. The other months experience strong winds which are not suitable for paragliding. There’s a good XC potential with higher hills directly west of the main takeoff. The paragliding season coincides with Typhoon season which will likely lead to a few non-flying days due to high winds and rain.

The lower takeoffs are only used with a southernly winds, which allow to soar the Luye Highlands ridge.

There’s a professional tandem paragliding outfit stationed on Luye Highlands. Reach out to them for information on the area. Rides up to Luye Highland to Taiping San cost TWD 200. Make sure to bring proof of your paragliding license, mine was checked thoroughly.

The locals want you to take a radio on your flight. They use frequency 145.960 MHz. In principle, you’ll need a Taiwan radio license to use a radio.

Other Details

Luye Paragliding Map


Soar Paragliding
Contact Numbers: +886939551390, +8860935735669, +886963289908
Map Number: 6
Coordinates: 22.914832, 121.121572


Name: Taiping San
Altitude: 900 m AMSL
Takeoff Directions: N, NE, E, SE, S
Difficulty: Easy
Map Number: 1
Coordinates: 22.928337, 121.100151
Comments: Ride from Luye Highlands cost TWD 200 with the local tandem pilots. Toplanding possible.

Name: Luye SW
Altitude: 350 m AMSL
Takeoff Directions: SW
Difficulty: Medium (easy with good wind)
Map Number: 2
Coordinates: 22.913089, 121.118998

Name: Luye SE
Altitude: 350 m AMSL
Takeoff Directions: S, SE
Difficulty: Medium (easy with good wind)
Map Number: 3
Coordinates: 22.912763, 121.119902


Name: Luye Highlands
Altitude: 350 m AMSL
Landing directions: 360°
Difficulty: Easy
Map Number: 4
Coordinates: 22.915250, 121.120617
Comments: Landing on the highland will leave you in no significant lee situations. The ground is gently sloped, but nothing to be alarmed about. The landing is right next to the Tandem Paragliding business. There are restaurants and coffee shops nearby for a snack.

Name: Longtian Village
Altitude: 200 m AMSL
Landing Directions: S, SW, W, NW, N
Difficulty: Easy
Map Number: 5
Coordinates: 22.907891, 121.119272
Comments: While landing in E direction is in principle possible, it is less recommended as an E-Wind will likely lead to turbulences on this landing field.

Past Trip Reports

TripReport – Khao Den, Thailand

This is a trip/site report for Khao Den, Phetchaburi, Thailand


Site Description:

Khao Dan is situated in Kaeng Krachan National Park within Phechaburi province (168km south west). Launch site is about 300m (AGL), with laminal wind from Gulf of Thailand (heated by agriculture land).   Site is part of long ridge line that spreads more than 10km north wards, with XC well above 100km recorded in this site.  Note that Take off/Landing is still about 45mins from Petchaburi town and LZ is marked out by Thailand state flag, whilst TO is with some discarded pagodas. 4WD is required to access TO. Note low gap north wards of Take Off creates strong venturi and pilots are reported to loose height in this zone.  Same effect applies for landing approach.  Best season to fly is between Feb till March.

TO Site Coordinates: Address: ตำบล ห้วยข้อง อำเภอ บ้านลาด เพชรบุรี 76150 (Thai). Huai Khong, Ban Lat District, Phetchaburi 76150, Thailand

Other Details

Best Time to go:

February to March – XC-able. However cloud base could be low (1,500m).

Go & Return

Bus Hire: Transport to Khao Dan from Suvarnabhumi airport. One-way (sits 11 pax cost about THB 4,000). Contact (via LINE: รชดดรนล ID).

Self-Drive: Relatively straight forward. Just travel west via route 35 and turn south to Hwy 4. Takes about 2-3 hours (traffic congestion around BKK area)

Landing Zone:

There are sporadic trees with strong bubbles in LZ making it challenging to land at times (especially during mid-day).  Many trees have thorns and bees.

LZ Site Coordinates: LAT: 13.0379505. LON: 99.80624      Address: Huai Khong, Ban Lat District, Phetchaburi 76150, Thailand. Tel: +66 85 214 6354

Air Space

Hua Hin Airport with CTR is located 70km south of launch site.

Site Coordinator/Retrieve: Sarapee’s Address:

  • Sarapee Montong (Contact via FB Messenger)

13°03’17.3″N 99°54’50.3″E

Sarapee’s house also has two rooms for rental. (Including 5 beds for Thai Massage)

XC and Retrieve

During Feb/March, there are many forest fires and these could be good thermal source.  There are also ample XC landing options, but be wary of green pineapple plantation northwards. There are regular bus service along Hwy 4 (takes about B40 per person to return).  Option to hitch hike to highway and return via bus (remember to pay a token fee for appreciation)..  Bus will reach central bus station in Petchaburi.  Option to walk back to hotel or take tuk tuk.


  • Swiss Palazzo   Clean boutique hotel with balcony (careful of monkey opening the door).  Friendly host. Only has 4 rooms so must book early. Can book via Agoda. (SGD50 include breakfast for two). Tel: +66 32 400 250Address: Khlong Kra Saeng, Mueang Phetchaburi District, Phetchaburi 76000, Thailand
  • Royal Diamond  Biggest hotel in region  but rather shabby.  Thai open air beer garden could be noisy.
  • Sun Hotel. Quiet. But a bit old.

                (Careful of hotel along highway. Could be noisy at night).

Getting Around

Cheap option to rent a scooter (B250 per day). Rental from JJ Home  (+66 81 880 9286). 69 Khlong Krachaeng Rd, Tambon Khlong Kra Saeng, Amphoe Mueang Phetchaburi, Chang Wat Phetchaburi 76000, Thailand

Taxi (Tuk Tuk) – 0892127171

R&R. Massage:

Many available. But note most close early at 8-9pm.  Look for Kee Ree for quality and clean massage. (Highly recommended)

Kee Ree Massage เขาวัง รถรางไฟฟ้าเคเบิลคาร์ Khlong Krachaeng Rd, Tambon Khlong Kra Saeng, เมือง Chang Wat Phetchaburi 76000, Thailand+66 88 757 0282

Emergency Contact Number:

  • Ambulance (Emergency): 1669
  • Law Enforcement (Royal Thai): 191
  • Law Enforcement (Tourist): 1155
  • Petcharat Hospital: +66 32 417 070. Address: Ban Mo, Mueang Phetchaburi District, Phetchaburi 76000, Thailand
  • Bangkok Hospital Phechaburi: +66 32 897 888. Address: เพชรเกษม 150 ม.6 Ton Mamuang, Mueang Phetchaburi District, Phetchaburi 76000, Thailand

Past Trip Reports

TripReport – Maninjau

This is a trip/site report for Maninjau, Sumatra, Indonesia


Maninjau is for sure one of the most beautiful places for paragliding in the region of South East Asia. Flying there ranges from soaring, over thermal flying and also some good XC flying along the edges of the big caldera in which this site is situated. Having a stunning view over lake Maninjau, rice terraces in all different colors as well as towards the Indian ocean in the background makes this place a great site to relax.

The take-off is nice, big and can be reached easily by car. The landing zone might be a bit challenging situated between paddy  fields, fish ponds and the lake, but it is for sure big enough for pilots having some experience.

When we are not flying, it’s peaceful just resting in Tanjung Raya –  Take a refreshing morning swim in pristine water, be pampered with local delicacies in restaurants overlooking the lake or pamper yourself with the delightful natural hot spring to ease those knotted muscles.

Other Details

Suitability: Advanced pilots and beginners with some experience. However, the landing zone is very small and one needs to be very accurate while landing at the designated landing zone.

Best Wind Direction: SW

Best Season: May and June

Distance to Singapore: Around 1 hour by plane, then 3.5 hours from Padang (Airport).

Position on Google Maps:

Paragliding Earth Information:

Other Activities to do in Maninjau


Flying Fox

Photos From Maninjau

Past Trip Reports

TripReport – Phu Ta Boek, Thailand

This is a trip/site report for Phu Ta Boek, by Ivan Chang


Stunning XC site standing at 1.7km high, with easy take off n landing site. However Since LZ is about 6km away, it is not recommended for beginner pilots as one might need to boom out safely if too much height is lost.

Other Details

Flying site:

Site is flyable from December till January (I think). With long ridge line of 20km running northwards, offering easy ridge thermal soaring option. However this route is scarcely populated making retrieval very difficult. A more popular option is to do flatland XC (about 25km) to Lom Sak (city in south east).

XC landing n retrieval:

There are numerous dry paddy fields in flat land offering easy landing spot. Locals are usually very helpful and willing to offer you a ride. From mountain foot to TO, it usually takes about 40mins and a token of tip (say 100baht) is appreciated.

Getting there and away:

PTB is accessible from Petchabun. However, there’s no direct transport to petchabun. So easiest option is to take domestic flight to Phitsanulok n either rent a car (about 1k baht per day or flag a taxi (B2k for one way). One can also take a bus from mo chit station to petchabun.


Comparing to towns in foot of mountain, there are more activities in TO (shops, eateries) and it’s recommended to stay in TO. One can choose to pitch a tent or rent a chalet (steep at B1.5k but it’s right behind TO. One needs to book well in advance. Public bath with hot water is available in TO.

Past Trip Reports

TripReport – Bahau

This is a trip/site report for Bahau, Malaysia, authored by Nora Martiny


Bahau is beside Jugra our regular place for paragliding. We usually try to go there once a month. It is a very long ridge with a nice takeoff. A designated landing place is not available and pilots need to land on road crossings between palm tree plantations, good landing skills are therefore required! The height difference between takeoff and landing is around 300m.

For advanced pilots, Bahau is probably the best place for flying in West Malaysia, and among the closest from Singapore. It offers soaring for hours, nice thermalling with around 3 m/s climb rates and first possibilities for XC flying towards Bahau town.

Getting up to the takeoff by car requires a 4WD as the muddy roads are very steep. Therefore, assistance from local pilots is necessary. Walking up takes around 1 hour.

Other Details

Suitability: Advanced pilots due to difficult landing, especially during the NE monsoon.

Best Wind Direction: NE/SW

Best Season: Almost all year flyable, depending on the monsoons.

Distance to Singapore: ~300km, 3 hours by car

Accomodation: there are many hotels in Bahau town.

Position on Google Maps:

Paragliding Earth Information:

Further Information and pictures: