Past Trip Reports

TripReport – Jugra

This is a trip/site report for Jugra, Malaysia.


Jugra is one of our regular flying sites close to Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The next big town is Banting, where we can also find nice accommodation for a good price. Jugra hill can be easily climbed with any car and takeoff as well as landing are huge.

The hill is not high but if the wind is strong enough, we can soar there for hours and also XC towards Banting is possible, giving advanced pilots the possibility to train their skills. The huge takeoff and landing make this place also suitable for beginners or pilots that would like to train after a pause.

On the weekends there is usually a huge community of paragliding pilots from the area around Kuala Lumpur at Jugra hill.

Other Details

Suitability: From total beginners to advanced pilots, everybody can have fun in Jugra Best Wind

Direction: SE/S

Best Season: April – October

Distance to Singapore: ~380km, 4.5 hours by car or 1 hour by plane (e.g. Airasia) to KLIA

Accommodation: In Banting Town.

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